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Still Waters by Tokisama Still Waters :icontokisama:Tokisama 5 3 Sweep of the Hand by Tokisama Sweep of the Hand :icontokisama:Tokisama 1 6 The Wild English Rose by Tokisama The Wild English Rose :icontokisama:Tokisama 9 16
Wild English Rose: WIP XL
"Bon après-midi, la residence de Morangias."
Julia looked over her shoulder as she stood in the corner of the kitchen. The cook was watching out for her as she cleared her throat and said,
"Ah, good afternoon…"
"Good afternoon madam, de Morangias residence how may I help you?"
"I would like to speak to Master de Morangias please it's of great urgency."
"Pardon madam but Master de Morangias is not at home."
Julia smacked her forehead as she said,
"No, not Master de Morangias, the young master, please."
"Ah young Master Lion, oui one moment please."
"Thank you."
She heard the phone be placed down on a surface as the maid of the de Morangias manor went to get the young master. Julia looked over her shoulder again as the cook continued glancing towards the door. He had let her borrow his cell phone after she explained everything and Julia was surprised the cook even had one. He explained since aside from the chauffer, he was the only one who left the household often and somet
:icontokisama:Tokisama 1 17
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXIX
Everything felt like it had come full circle for Carroll. As he packed, he thought of everything that had just happened. He had no idea what was going to happen with Alexander James and him…no idea of what their relationship was now going to amount to. All he could do was be grateful he was able to get one more embrace and one more look before he left.
After he finished packing his meager belongings, he changed out of his uniform. He had not had to bother with most of his clothes once he got the job so almost everything he put away was still folded and neatly pressed from his first day. He looked into the now mostly empty drawers of the nearly empty room and took out the last pair of jeans, tossing them on the bed as he reached in for an undershirt. He changed into the jeans first and then picked up the white undershirt, the thin clean material wouldn't hold any warmth but it was all he pretty much had aside from a few more shirts and a hoodie. As he put his head through th
:icontokisama:Tokisama 2 8
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXVIII
There was a lot of hesitation in Alexander James the next morning. He had half expected maids and butlers to be standing around him when he woke, ready to pack him up and bundle him off the minute they sensed he was awake. But instead, he rose from his sleep and began his usual morning routine though he did it with some precaution. After he took his shower and dressed himself, he wasn't sure what to do. He felt he should be waiting- but waiting for what he wasn't really sure. Instead, he pressed forward, pulling a sweater over his head and, adjusting it slightly and letting the sleeves fall over his hands, his fingers peeking out of the openings as he then sat down on his bed and put his sneakers on before going to the library to wait for breakfast. However, he didn't even get the chance because as he headed towards the library, he heard a soft female voice address him.
"Young master Windsor?"
He paused and turned from his direction as he said,
"Your father is waiting
:icontokisama:Tokisama 1 9
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXVII
Carroll sat outside the manor, wrapped in his shabby pea coat, angrily smoking his cigarette. He had already gone through three cigarettes but it was still early and he wasn't due on the clock, though that was not even his concern. He was so frustrated, so sad and felt so utterly helpless. After his young master had his bandages removed, that fear and knot in his stomach instantly released as he heard him say that he couldn't see. Dr. Frost had examined him again, shining a light into his eyes, asking him a dozen questions, all of the answers being he couldn't see. While Alexander James retained his posture and dignity, there was clear disappointment and Carroll could see it almost as if he had broken down. Master Windsor was another story entirely. He didn't seem surprised at all and dismissed the whole event with a shrug and a sigh as he said,
"Well then, let's move on."
Carroll had to bite his lip from letting his jaw drop from his employer's callousness. If he, as nothing bu
:icontokisama:Tokisama 0 11
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXVI
The first thing that brought him back to reality was the dull ache that started down his back. He wanted to groan and move but found he couldn't.
The ache didn't really move anymore anyway.
The following was the sensation of gauze rubbing at his ears, the itching, aggravating material made him want to reach up and remove it but he found that as much as his mind willed his arms to move, he didn't have the strength. The most he did was twitch his fingers. He could hear the dull drip of liquid on liquid and the smell of the sterile, overly sanitized stench of a hospital room. He parted his lips, which were chapped and dry and he wanted to blink but felt he couldn't, something heavy and pressing was on his eyes. It took a moment for Alexander James to be coherent and, once he was, he remembered where he was. A moment later, he felt something touch his hand as he heard,
"How are you doing, my boy?"
The icy touch let him know it was his doctor and he wanted to move his hand back, unco
:icontokisama:Tokisama 1 10
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXV
"Now this isn't some barbaric, 1920's style of surgery where we must hack open his young face and leave him behind with gory, hideous scars."
Dr. Frost moved back from Alexander James, shutting off his pen light with the tips of his fingers as he continued.
"It's all lasers now. We'll do a few tests on him before hand- check the nerves, take some pictures and see what and can be repaired."
"So there will be no actual cutting open then?" Asked Master Windsor.
Dr. Frost turned his attention to his friend and client as he said,
"None. Of course, afterwards, we'll have to take the same usual precautions- no lights, he'll be bed ridden for at least a day while he comes back and then he'll need to have the gauze over his eyes to heal for no more then a week. Then he can be brought back here and we can remove the bandages and see if we've had any success."
Master Windsor nodded as he then looked at his son, who sat emotionless and quiet.
"Did you hear all that?"
Alexander James leaned b
:icontokisama:Tokisama 2 15
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXIV
By the late afternoon, Alexander James had returned to his usual perch. His hair was now dry though he had only removed the cap when he sat down again. He toed off his sneakers and brought his legs up to his chair and held them against himself, bringing his head down on his knees as he held himself tight. He started to rock slowly, back and forth, his heart still racing from the day's events. He was glad he had not asked for help once, even when he felt he needed it. He knew his father would not give it to him anyway, so he was better off knocking his cane about. His mind also replayed the doctor's visit, hearing the tiny percentage he had for actually gaining his vision back. Doctors had always said they thought it was not genetic considering the Windsor's nor the Tudor's never had a genetic flaw like blindness running through the family. Though he had long ago dismissed the idea of seeing again, the little bit of hope now dangling in front of him was more than enough to make h
:icontokisama:Tokisama 1 7
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXIII
Carroll could tell something was off about his young master that evening. As he held him close, rubbing his back, pressing his face against the halo of strawberry blonde hair, he finally asked,
"What's wrong?"
Alexander James, who had been enjoying the comfort and the holding, loving the feeling of not being alone, snapped from his daze as he turned his head slightly, his nose bending at the tip when he turned towards Carroll's chest rather then away. He hummed a 'Hm?' in response as Carroll laughed a bit and asked again. The young master rested his head against the taller man as he said,
"Why do you think something is wrong?"
"Well, if something is not wrong, then something is troubling you."
"How could you tell?"
"I know you well enough to know when you're not yourself."
Alexander James sighed and moved back a bit, feeling Carroll's embrace lax around him as the younger man sat down on the floor almost immediately from leaving the hold. Carroll watched him sit down gracefully
:icontokisama:Tokisama 1 6
Wild English Rose: WIP XXXII
It didn't take too long after Julia left for Carroll to follow her. His heart was in his throat as he left the dining room and rushed down the hall that led to the main foyer where he saw Julia in front of him. She was still wiping her face clean as she sniffled softly and Carroll caught up to her just in time. He clutched her elbow gently and pulled her into another direction. She was shocked and it was audible by the sharp intake of breath but she saw it was Carroll and followed him, despite the fact that by the time she realized what was going on, she was already half way down a different hallway. Carroll wasn't sure where he was leading her, but once they got to the end of the hall and all that was there was a door that led to the basement, he stopped. He let her go as he looked over her shoulder as he began to talk.
"I need to know how you know."
Julia was still trying to recover from the surprise of being dragged down the hall, but she was also still reeling from telling C
:icontokisama:Tokisama 1 10
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United States
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I need something to do on this so here is a little update:

Who was your first doll? Do you still own him, her, or it?
Ryuhei was and yes, I still own him :heart:

Who is your favorite doll?
I don't play favorites with my boys. I love them all for different reasons

Which doll do you hope or plan to buy next?
I don't have any doll plans as of now.

Quick! You've instantly got $800 and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it's gone forever! Who do you pick?
I would divide the 800$ among all four of my boys. They all need stuff.

Quick! You've instantly got enough money for any one and must choose a doll to spend it on right now or it's gone forever, but this time you have to buy the doll for someone else! Who gets the dolly, and what do you get them?
Nickles. :D

Are you currently waiting on any dolls, heads, or bodies?

Do any of your dolls seem to like you to the point that they are infatuated with you?
Uh no...

Do any of your dolls seem to dislike or even hate you?
They're dolls...

Who's your most expensive doll at the time you purchased them, not counting items you bought separately for them?
Quinn. I thought he would be the cheapest but not counting all his things, all the stuff I had to do to mod him was added cost.

Who's the least expensive doll you own?
Alexander James.

Is there a limit to what you'd spend on a doll?

Which doll did you wait for the longest for so far?
I have no idea....

Which doll had the shortest wait so far?
I think Alexander James...

Who's the biggest doll you own?
All my boys with the exception of Quinn are the same height

Who's the smallest doll you own?

Got any floating heads? If yes, how likely are they to receive bodies anytime soon?
Just one but he's Ryuhei's old head so I don't think that counts.

Got any floating bodies?

Do you have any extra, unclaimed pairs of eyes? How many if so?
I have one spare set. I was never big on the eye buying

Do you have any extra, unclaimed wigs? How many if so?
About six or seven. I went through a couple of wigs for Ryuhei

Anything you've said "never" to in the hobby that you later gave in to?
Nothing. I've stuck to all my "nevers"

Do you own dolls that aren't BJDs?
Other then Barbie dolls? Nope.

What was your last doll-related purchase?
God I haven't bought anything for my boys in forever....

What do you expect your next doll-related purchase to be?
I have no idea.

What was the last doll-related thing to arrive to you by mail?
I'm sure it was something for Quinn.

What was the last doll-related thing you purchased in person?

Not counting floating heads, floating bodies, and anything on layaway (paid off dolls count), how many complete dolls do you own?
I have 4 complete boys.

The quiz is over! Any last words?
I miss the passion I use to have for this hobby....
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